Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boycott NBC & CBS advertising

Save Caprica! I have an idea. I am currently boycotting ALL merchandise advertised on NBC and CBS until Caprica is back. Any product I see on NBC or CBS is on my ”DO NOT BUY! list”. If the execs care only for money, how would they feel if no one advertises on their network because of a boycott. Pass this along and give it a good think over. (><)


  1. Saw Rudolph last night on CBS and took a product off my purchase list. Saw it on a commercial. Looks like a gift card is in order. Sorry fellas, guess which product it was.

  2. For those of you that did not get to read my facebook entries. No ABC is not on the list. Proof of thier conviction to show Sci-Fi. I still have KTLA, KCAL, KCOP, KTTV, UPN,ect. on my "Donot buy" list. How else will a big network wake-up with-out a little nudge from a rival network that is getting frakked due to NBC nutjob exec choices. Look around and tell me who is at the greatest loss. Pockets that have big bucks try to keep them. O.K. all you networks out there hiding in the shadows, no longer will fans stay silent. I still want Caprica to return with a new and vibrant season. I'll do what I can. This boycott stands.

    By the way, I have new products to purchase from watching ABC's V last night. Kudos.
    More to come. JD

  3. So, I see that The Science Channel is going to have The Firefly series return to Television. Good job Science channel. So many stars came out of that series. maybe we can get Caprica here too. Along with every other show that should have had a longer run. If the comercials on The Science channel are on my do not buy list, Well they are coming off and I can spend some hard earned cash on stuff they advertise. It is amazing how many people have already banned NBC. Will they ever learn. Here's to good viewing. Top Ten alien chicks. Including Morena Baccarin from firefly. http://science.discovery.com/top-ten/2009/alien-chicks/alien-chicks-6.html